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About Us

MedviewMD’s guiding motivation is to extend and strengthen the continuum of care for Canadians. By seamlessly bridging health care gaps between episodic treatment, prevention, chronic and long-term care management, MedviewConnect seeks to enhance the health profile of individuals and wider communities. Harnessing the potential of emerging technological advances, MedviewConnect’s robust, cost-effective platform incorporates health care advances, creating value for users and practitioners alike.

Through proactive care coordination and focusing on the identification of issues before they escalate, the MedviewConnect platform leads to better health outcomes and reduces costs while decreasing a patient’s Return to Acuity as well as hospital readmission.

Our approach is evidence-based and designed around client feedback during our breakthrough in the Canadian Telemedicine market, with an estimated 25,000 patient interactions in one year.

Who Are We?

MedviewConnect is a fully integrated PHIPA compliant platform encompassing on-demand video consults, a fully functional EMR, ePrescribing and the largest clinical network dedicated to the delivery of care for the Medicinal Cannabis market of Canada.

What Do We Do?

We enable patients to connect directly with a clinician digitally to get registered, obtain a prescription and medical documents from their favorite LP’s via mobile app or the web from the convenience of their own home. The patient can create their account in and have a live video consult to obtain their prescription in less than 90 seconds.

How We Can Help?

MedviewConnect brings immediate ROI by providing:

A word from our CEO

“We live in exciting times. As technology drives solutions for existing and latent needs, human potential is unlocked like never before. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health sciences where costs can be lowered while outcomes for patients improved. And, where the quality of life for everyone concerned can be significantly enhanced.

“Of course technological advances impacting social and economic change is nothing new: it’s the story of progress and mankind’s perpetual pursuit of the ‘better mouse trap’.

“MedviewMD has positioned itself to bridge the medical needs of an ever growing population who for geographical reasons, lifestyle issues and mobility limitations would otherwise find themselves without adequate health care inputs. Alarmingly, the number of Canadians ‘orphaned’ by the system and without a primary healthcare physician continues to grow.

“Telemedicine is that technological interface between people in need and the source of medical expertise and assistance.

“From a healthcare practitioner’s perspective, the prospect of real-time interactions with patients in a cost-effective and immediate manner allows for greater impact both professionally and socially.

“By meeting human requirements through the latest technological iterations, we at MedviewMD believe we are on the cusp of what will be increasingly exciting times as we go forward.”

Dan Nead
CEO and Founder

Dan Nead, CEO and Founder