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Can a visiting friend or relative visit a Medview Connect 'Patient Studio'

One of the great advantages of telemedicine lies in its ability to respond to the medical needs of an increasingly mobile society. People move around more than they ever have. By accessing an individual’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) via MedviewMD’s ‘Patient Studio’, an attending physician can instantly (securely and privately) receive an overview of the patient’s medical history while addressing an immediate medical concern. As long as you have an active OHIP number, you will receive treatment and will not be burdened with the task of filling out additional forms. Non-OHIP patients can also be attended to.

How can a telemedicine consultation be better than a face-to-face visit with a physician?

It’s not a question of which is better but rather most appropriate to the specific situation. In an ideal world where resources are limitless, personalized healthcare would be readily available to everyone everywhere. Telemedicine best tackles those instances where distance, access and special needs are barriers to basic healthcare and preventative measures. In addition, as our society becomes more technologically adept, the idea of conversing with someone over a video screen is a familiar experience to most people.

How will the Doctor see my results?

Similar to a Doctor’s office, test results will be securely delivered electronically for evaluation, except with telemedicine some test results can be viewed in real time.

I've heard about eHealth, telehealth, and telemedicine. What are the differences and similarities?

In general you can consider them synonyms and interchangeable. With time, specific nuances and subtleties may develop but at this point they are all roughly referring to the same set of activities.

Should I use Medview Connect for a medical emergency?

Do not delay in calling for an ambulance or going directly to your nearest emergency center or hospital. For most medical emergencies timely intervention is essential.

What about my Privacy and Security?

Each “Patient Studio” will have on-site fully qualified healthcare professionals to assist you and answer any of your questions or address any concerns. Although our “Patient Studios” are located within local high traffic medical related businesses, and have their own waiting area. Our examination rooms are fully functional and private. All personal, medical and testing information comprising an individual’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is stored on a secure off-site server and comply with all local, provincial and federal laws.

What can telemedicine do for me if I am suffering from a chronic condition?

Recent studies worldwide* found that telemedicine helped improve the outcomes from self-management of a wide range of chronic diseases (from Diabetes to Parkinson’s.) The support offered through telemedicine and technology-enabled groups contributed to significant improvements in psychological coping and overall well-being, healthy eating habits, regular taking of medicine, along with better communication with physicians. *Evaluating Self-Management Behaviours of Diabetics Patients in a Telehealthcare Program: Longitudinal Study over 18 Months, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Vol 15 No 12 **Spanning Boundaries into Remote Communities: An Exploration of Experiences with Telehealth Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs in Rural Northern Ontario, Canada, Telemedicine and e-Health, Vol 19 No 12***Virtual visits for Parkinson disease: A case series, Neurology: Clinical Practice, 10.1212/01

What if I am a tourist with medical needs?

Medview Connect is all about accessible, quality healthcare. With the exception the OHIP insurance issues, the process is indentical for a traveller or tourist.

What If I live in a geographically remote or medically under-serviced area?

Telemedicine levels the playing field for everyone by eliminating any barriers resulting from geographical location. Rural, remote or urban centres share equal access to medical assistance and expertise through telemedicine. In some communities this link to outside medical expertise has been used in critical care and emergency situations. Worldwide, the driving force behind telemedicine has been to address the needs of those lacking adequate access to healthcare due to distance and/or location. The focus of telemedicine has more recently been expanded include the medical needs of isolated pockets of urban centers as well.

What if I need medical tests?

Medview Connect studio’s are equipped with the latest technology to to provide basic tests such as throat swaps, blood pressure readings, and listening to your chest, all performed by an on-site medical professional. (Registered Practicing Nurse). Similar to a Doctor’s office, more extensive tests like x-rays, blood and lab tests will require you to visit the appropriate lab/testing location.

What if I need to see a specialist?

The process can be expedited through telemedicine, but it remains fundamentally the same. A primary care physician must recommend an appointment with a specialist. However, if the particular doctor practises medicine far from your place of residence, considerable time and expense can be saved by accessing the specialist through the ‘Patient Studio’.

What if I require a medical opinion or examination?

The Medview Connect ‘Patient Studio’ is tailored to provide an immediate and interactive consultation with a doctor using telemedicine technology. Quality, accessible healthcare, particularly primary care, is a priority for Medview Connect.

What if I'm not comfortable with technology or the concept of telemedicine?

From the patient’s perspective a visit to the doctor’s office or a MedviewMD ‘Patient Studio’ is pretty much the same. Trained nursing staff are onsite to provide first-hand support for the patient and relay information to the attending doctor who interacts with the patient via video link. Most of the technology is working behind the scenes as medical, imaging and health informatics data is transmitted back and forth. But, none of this is the patient’s responsibility or even concern. Think of the technology involved as merely a collection of necessary tools used to enhance your level of healthcare. The focus is always on meeting the needs and care of you, the patient.

Where will MedviewMD be available?

Medview Connect is available in select locations. Please visit our locations page to see where the closest studio is to you.

Why are 'Patient Studios' located in pharmacies?

Medview Connect has made the strategic decision to locate its ‘Patient Studios’ in neighbourhood pharmacies (or similarly relevant retail space) to better provide healthcare access to communities.

Will clinic visits be covered by Provincial Medical Insurance Plans?

Just like a Doctors office visit Provincial Medical Insurance Plans will cover the cost of a Medview Connect ‘Patient Studio’ visit. As Medview Connect is first launching in Ontario, OHIP will cover cost of the “Patient Studio” visit (for patients with a verified health card number). For services that are not OHIP billable, competitive fees will charged.

Will I have to fill out additional forms?

No, Medview Connect handles all billing and payments, similar to a Doctor’s office. You are not required to submit or fill out an OHIP claim.

Will training be provided for the MedviewMD 'patient studio'?

Absolutely! Training and ongoing support for the user interface and programs are provided.